Synergize Timesheet Suite

Available for Android and Apple mobile devices.

Get the FREE Synergize timesheet suite, from Computech IT Services and collect time sheet data anytime, anywhere.




The Synergize Timesheet Suite consists of 3 components.

  1. The Synergize Timesheet App, the latest copy of which can be downloaded from the App Stores, including Google Play and the Apple Store.
  2. A companion example FileMaker database that contains all the tables, fields and some example layouts for use with the Synergize Timesheet App.
  3. A Timesheet Connector, this is an application that once installed (Instructions included), adds an External function to your FileMaker Solution that allows the Synergize Timesheet Mobile App to send data to your FileMaker Solution.

Powered by the Synergize plugin from Computech IT Services, the prospects app. is available for Android and Apple mobile devices.

• Create and submit timesheets
• Record timesheets against client jobs
• View filtered lists
• View individual details
• Integrate with your FileMaker solution

A simple and intuitive application that enables you to complete timesheets quickly and with ease.

For full integration to your FileMaker solution, a sample layout is available which can be replicated in your deployment.

Detailed instructions are provided to enable you to deploy the Synergize plugin within your solution and make the required modifications in FileMaker Server.


Download our FREE Synergize Timesheet App and collect time sheet data anytime, anywhere.




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