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The Synergize enhanced SQL command provides significant benefits over the standard FileMaker SQL command.

SQL Errors 

If there is an error in the SQL Query, FileMaker returns a ?. This isn’t a very helpful error message, and you can be spending a lot of time debugging a relatively simple SQL statement to try and find a simple typo,

With the Synergize EnhancedSQL function, Synergize attempts to report a meaningful error, showing you an approximation of where in the SQL statement the error may lie.

Using the FileMaker ExecuteSQL the following statement would cause the following  error (?)

ExecuteSQL ( “SELECT Item, Color FROM Portals” ;¶;¶ )

For a more detailed and useful error message

EnhancedSQL(“SELECT Item, Color FROM Portals”; “”; ” is “; “.¶”)

Because the Synergize EnhancedSQL function returns a more detailed error message, it is much easier to debug the SQL statements.

ERROR: FQL0002/(1:24): The table named “Portals” does not exist.

The above error indicates that on character position 24, the table portals does not exist.


SQL Write Functions

The Filemaker SQL command provides read only (data retrieval) functionality. With the Synergize enhanced SQL, data can be written and modified.

// EnhancedSQL( sqlQuery {; fileName ; fieldSeparator ; rowSeparator ; arguments… } )

EnhancedSQL(“INSERT INTO Portals (Item, Color) VALUES (‘Grapefruit’, ‘Pink’)”; “”; “”; “”)

// EnhancedSQL( sqlQuery {; fileName ; fieldSeparator ; rowSeparator ; arguments… } )

EnhancedSQL(“UPDATE Portals SET Color=’Hello World!’ WHERE Color = ‘Yellow'”; “”; “”; “”)

EnhancedSQL(“UPDATE Portals SET Color=’Yell’ WHERE Color = ?”; “”; “”; “”; “Yellow”)

// EnhancedSQL( sqlQuery {; fileName ; fieldSeparator ; rowSeparator ; arguments… } )

EnhancedSQL(“DELETE FROM Portals WHERE Item = ‘Grapefruit'”; “”; “”; “”)


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